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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Anna’s family adds a new roof to their home – 31 Oct 2021

The family is improving their home in small steps by saving money from Anna’s take home salary and her dairy cow and goat projects’ income. They have roofed their house and are saving for the finishing phase. Lishe Bora garden shop has assisted them with a diary cow loan that has been repaid in full, assistance building an organic vegetable garden and a job assisting the local community.

The parents started a small chicken project by investing vegetable garden income from selling vegetables. They now provide their children with eggs, meat, and milk, and also sell some of these products to earn income for paying their children’s school fees and basic supplies.

They face the challenge of being a large family living in a two room home. They need more space! The garden is very productive, but there is no reliable market to sell the harvest and earn a good income. Garden income has even been as low as 500 TZS / US$0.25 one day.

The parents dream of providing their five children a better education for their own future life and finishing their house so it comfortable to live in.