All children have the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and able to support a happy family of their own.


Assist children’s families and schools in disadvantaged rural communities to progress along a path of health, income, home / facilities and education to sustainable living.


Support families and schools with sustainable solutions to challenges they face on their path to a sustainable life. We collaborate with them to design, implement and sustain solutions to the root causes of the challenges.


We implement solutions according to the logic model of Assumptions -> Goals -> Inputs -> Activities -> Outputs -> Short and Long-term health, education and income Outcomes.

It is a grassroots approach to assisting people living in disadvantaged rural communities to move along a path of achieving health, income, home / facility and education sustainability.

The solutions include productive assets like vegetable gardens, community banks, homes, school facilities and food programs.

Local Organization

We believe locally-led collaboration is key to effectively identifying root causes of challenges, in a way that empowers communities to design, build, implement, manage, measure and sustain the solutions.

We partner with organizations that are embedded in their communities and focused on assisting families and schools to find and implement solutions to the challenges they encounter along their paths to a sustainable life.

Training and ongoing mentorship by our local partner teams promote application of agriculture, health and financial best-practices.

Program evaluation activities assist us to measure impact and continuously improve. Sustainability drives everything we do, including plans to expand into new regions and countries.