Our Partners

Better Lives’ local partner organizations collaborate with families and schools to implement solutions that lead to self-reliance. These organizations are based in the communities they serve. Currently, we collaborate with partners in:

Africa – Tanzania and Uganda

Americas – United States of America

Asia – Cambodia



KCM Success Group

kcm team
KCM was started in the village of Kindwitwi in Rufiji, Tanzania in 2013. The group builds organic vegetable gardens and helps families qualify for micro-loans. In order to fulfill these objectives, the group has had to facilitate major improvements to local water infrastructure. Read more…

Lishe Bora Garden Shop

Lishe Bora has been working on the eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro since 2013. The organization is helping families start their own organic vegetable gardens to improve food security and income generation for families. Read more…

Solutions & Opportunities (SODAT)

SODAT has been working in Ngara, Tanzania since 2010. The organization facilitates breakfast feeding and infrastructure projects for three primary schools in the region. They are also developing an organic gardening program to improve food security and income generation. Read more…


Tupendane has been working near Moshi, Tanzania since 2009. The organization is currently working with six schools in Kahe Ward to provide school breakfast, improve education infrastructure, and build organic vegetable gardens with families. Read more…


Wamukisa Team_edited
Wamukisa has been working in Kikondo, Uganda since 2014. Wamukisa is currently working to improve water access so that families can begin nourishing their soil and improving their health. Read more…


Educate! delivers an experience-based education model, comprised of leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness training, a practically trained mentor, and experience starting a business to secondary school youth in Uganda.


SAWA ensures sustainable sanitation, hygiene, and water supply services to local communities through community-based projects. 


retrak team
Retrak works to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives, preserve families, empower communities and give each of them a voice.



BCM partner pic
BCM has been working in Baja California, Mexico since 1991. The organization builds solid weather proof homes for poor families.

Los Al Youth Center

los al partner pic 1
Los Alamitos Youth Center works with children to change lives one child at a time through collaborative social, educational, and recreational programs.


Happy Shine Garden Shop

happy shineHappy Shine Garden Shop was named after the founder’s twin daughters, Happy and Shine. The shop works with families to build organic vegetable gardens that improve the families’ healthy and income.

Healthy Life Garden Shop

Healthy LIfe team
Healthy Life has been a Better Lives partner since 2013. The organization helps families improve the health of their children by building organic vegetable gardens and distributing micro-loans for income generation. Read more…

Peaksneng Thormacheat

Peaksneng Thormacheat has been a Better Lives partner since 2013. The organization partners with families to improve the health of their children by building organic vegetable gardens and distributing micro-loans for pig-rearing. Read more…

Quest Building & Maintenance

Waves Learning Center Structure
Quest Building and Maintenance Services has been a Better Lives partner since 2010. The organization builds, renovates, and maintains school buildings, kitchens, and water distribution systems. This provides teachers and children with a comfortable and safe place to teach and learn effectively.

Waves of Love

waves of love
Waves of Love has been a Better Lives partner since 2008. The organization assists families with education sponsorships and support, Rent-To-Own Housing, and Vocational Training to families in La Union, Caba, Philippines.