What We Do

We provide methodology, management, technical and financial support to locally-run social enterprise partners. These partners share our mission, and utilize our methodology and programs to assist families and schools living in disadvantaged rural communities to achieve a sustainable life.


We teach sustaining values and quality principles that assist people to navigate a path to a sustainable life. The path stages are:

  • Access Knowledge
  • Apply Resources
  • Strengthen Health
  • Earn Income
  • Improve Facilities
  • Enhance Education


We provide ongoing management, mentoring, materials and measurement support for three programs: Grow, Build and Earn.

Grow assists with building and maintaining organic vegetable gardens for homes, schools and market growing.

Build includes facilities like water systems, school toilet blocks and Rent-to-Own homes.

Earn covers mentoring market gardeners, and providing loans for investment in productive assets, construction and Village Community Banks.