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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Small vegetable garden is helping improve family health – 30 Sep 2021

The EBM family started their organic vegetable garden with training and assistance from the Lishe Bora garden shop team three years ago. Since then, the family has eaten from the garden benefiting the family and children’s health.

They have been selling surplus vegetables and saving 2,000 TZS / US$ 1 each week from the sales. Bernadeta is a self-employed laundry worker and cultivates people’s fields, her income enables her family to purchase food regularly.

Scarcity of water supply and storage means that the family is only watering the garden during the rainy season when water is available. When they are growing vegetables they have the challenge of un-controlled domestic animals disturbing the garden.

The family dreams of having enough water to expand the garden, so they can sell more vegetables for family income and save to ultimately build a comfortable house.