Student Benefits

Students may receive service hours or college credits on their trip. They also develop leadership skills through Better Lives’ flexible framework and being “Team Lead for a Day”. Students understand their role as global citizens by working with community members and they are encouraged to be creative by going out of their comfort zone and using Better Lives’ problem solving process.



Leadership requires strong principles, effective procedures, and experience. Students are exposed to all three during their time with Better Lives. We start by equipping students with principles and procedures for effective leadership. Then we give students the opportunity to practice what they have learned throughout the trip.


Students begin their leadership education by learning basic leadership principles. This includes prioritizing, planning, nurturing, inspiring, delegating, inspecting and encouraging.


Students continue their education by learning specific procedures for effective leadership. This includes methods for setting goals, assigning roles, and guiding projects to completion.


Students put principles and procedures into practice throughout their trip as they overcome daily challenges and complete projects. Good practice produces good habits!



Global Citizenship

When students are exposed to new people and places they can understand themselves and the world around them better. This enables them to begin thinking about their role in helping to make the world a better place.

Understand Yourself

Students gain a better understanding of themselves by learning how they react to new experiences and how they work as part of a team.

Understand Others

Students understand others better by learning how people live in different countries and by learning how their peers work as part of a team. 

Find Your Place

By learning about themselves and those around them, students begin developing an understanding of their role in making the world a better place. 




Creativity is sparked by new experiences and exposure. Students learn to use creativity constructively when they are faced with challenges in a supportive environment. 

New Horizons

Students broaden their horizons by stepping out of their comfort zone into new experiences. When students step out of their comfort zone in a supportive environment they build confidence and begin seeing new possibilities.

Art and Design

Students are introduced to new styles of architecture, art, music, and dance. Exposure to new forms of expression stimulates the mind, expands creativity, and helps students see their lives at home from a different point of view.

Problem Solving

Students are provided with a tool box of problem solving procedures and then supported as they face the challenges of working, living, and traveling in a developing country.