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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Lishe Bora is partnering with Rollins College Students to assist Mkyashi Primary school – Apr 2024

The Lishe Bora team has identified that Mkyashi Primary school faces some challenges, and lack of enough quality breakfast for the school’s students. The Lishe Bora management has been able to raise the attitude of the school towards establishing a Grow-own-Breakfast garden at Mkyashi Primary school. The health of more than 300 children is going to benefit from having the daily vegetable harvest in their meals.

While working hard on improving the health of the children and teachers of Mkyashi primary, we noticed another big disadvantage – the poor learning envinronment at the school. It was found that the children and teachers while in the classrooms during lessons there is a huge interference of voices between one classroom and the other which is caused by poor sound separation between classrooms because of an open space below the ceilings. Lishe Bora will be using financial support from Rollins University Students this month to raise the walls of each classroom to the ceiling, in order to stop voice interference between classrooms during lessons.

Lishe Bora and the school hopes this will improve both children and teachers’ attention level during classes, and the feeding program will improve everyone’s health. Their hope is that the academic perfomance will be raised to higher levels, and the learning and teaching envinronment will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Lishe Bora is looking forwad to working with the school to build a sustainable school vegetable garden, which will assist improvement of the quailty of student health and eduction in the Mkyashi Community.