Service, Education, Discovery

Travel with Better Lives

Better Lives offers custom travel opportunities for groups of high school and college students. We connect student groups with our local community partners to create immersive service, education, and discovery experiences.

We have developed relationships with communities across East Africa and Southeast Asia for the past seven years. Our goal is to build an itinerary that gives your group an unforgettable experience and helps a local community grow.

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Student Experience

Service, Education, Discovery

After the soccer game.

Our trips provide students with opportunities for service, education, and discovery. Service is done shoulder-to-shoulder with community members. Education about Better Lives’ development framework helps students understand the impact of the work they are doing. Discovery activities like hiking, safari, and community tours open students’ eyes to new cultures and environments.

Student Benefits

Leadership, Global Citizenship, Creativity


Students may receive service hours or college credits on their trip. They also develop leadership skills through Better Lives’ flexible framework and being “Team Lead for a Day”. Students learn to understand others, themselves, and their role in the world by being exposed to new people and places. They are encouraged to approach problems creatively using Better Lives’ Problem solving techniques.

Community Impact

Water, Soil, Health, Income, Home, Education


Better Lives mission is to help children grow up healthy, educated, and trained to earn an income. Students collaborate with community members on service work to improve children’s lives in our six development areas: Access Water, Nourish Soil, Strengthen Health, Earn Income, Improve Home, Enhance Education.


Social Business

Mount Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaLearn how social entrepreneurs are improving life in rural communities and how you can use the same principles to make an impact at home or abroad. This expedition culminates with a two day Action Plan retreat on the Swahili coast. Check out the full itinerary here. 

Leadership & Culture

Siem Reap, CambodiaWork shoulder-to-shoulder with local communities, learning and serving together. In addition to project work, this expedition features local cooking and craft classes and an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. Check out the full itinerary here. 

Intro to Development

Kikondo, UgandaLearn basic principles of community development and then put them into practice implementing solutions to poverty with our local partners. After a week of hard work you can enjoy a five day safari that includes game drives and a hike to see chimpanzees in the wild. Check out the full itinerary.

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Send a note to travel@betterlives.org and let us know you’d like to learn more.

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We’ll email you to set up a time to talk and learn more about how Better Lives can help you achieve your objectives for a student trip.

Get the Word Out

Once we’ve agreed on a concept and objectives for the trip we’ll work with you to share this information with students and parents.

Plan Your Trip

We will help you with every element of planning and implementing the trip including building the itinerary, budget, student applications, and fundraising plan.


Crisis ResponseWhen students and teachers join us for a travel program they become a part of our Better Lives family. This family includes employees, community partners, guides, schools, volunteers, and supporters. During their time in-country, students’ safety is our top priority. Our three-tier approach to Risk Management means we are constantly tracking potential risks, communicating risks to students and parents, and planning our response.