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Moshe, TZ – UK students assist Tanzanian primary school students while discovering Tanzania – 31 Jul 2022

UK students assisted Tanzanian primary school students to increase the sustainability of their Grow-own-Breakfast program by working together on new improvements. The visiting students, primary school students, teachers and communities collaborated to plant more banana trees, prepare vegetable gardens, make compost, prepare seedlings in the nursery, and expand the irrigation system for the banana gardens by adding 3 new standpipes.

The banana and vegetable gardens are both subsistence and market gardens, and are the key for sustainable feeding of our children. The majority of the harvest feeds the children, and the surplus is sold and produces income that is used to purchase other ingredients and services for feeding the children. These include corn and beans, salt and cooking oil, pay for the cooks, and miscellaneous expenses which the parents currently cannot afford to cover by themselves.

Traveling experiences have been improved by the adding more sustainable value to the communities that are visited. True Adventure and Better Lives achieved this by arranging for students and teachers from UK to visit two primary schools in Kahe, Tanzania in collaboration with local social enterprise Tupendane. The visit covered two of the nine primary schools in the area.

The Tupendane team is now dreaming of having more groups visit, and assisting them to extend the benefits of Grow-own-Breakfast to more school students in the future.