Value seeds.

Our values are important beliefs that seed the following actions and sustaining behaviours.

PURPOSE – small successes build the confidence to plan, and the courage to respond to challenges and assist others.

LEADERSHIP – skills for leading by example come from education and training, and a track record of productivity and earning an income.

OWNERSHIP– family support provides a nurturing home, good health and encourages a sense of responsibility for managing one’s emotions, thinking and actions.

TEAMWORK– spirit founded on mutual gratitude, caring and trust.


Experience success that comes from having the confidence and courage to assist others to achieve their Purpose. Enjoy other people’s achievements and in so doing experience the happiness of fulfillment, contentment and enlightenment!


Prioritize, plan and prepare well so you can believe in your abilities.


Be assertive, conserve energy, ready to give your best and never give up.


Mentor others, create jobs and protect the environment


Develop skills to act strategically to increase productivity and earn an income. Over time education, training and experience combine to create wisdom to be shared with others.


Listen, learn and retain education, vocational training and experience that assist strategic thinking.


Focus on solving problems and supplying people’s needs with quality ideas, skills, services and products.


Earn, budget, save and invest for future growth.


Have the support of a comfortable home, strong health and sense of responsibility so that you can demonstrate strong ownership for what you do. Be enthusiastic, energized, willing and able so that you can support your family and others.


Accept and bond with family in a comfortable home, and with friends and community in a safe environment.


Have clean water, sanitation, nutritious food, hygiene, shelter, and exercise.


Understand and control emotions, and be disciplined and organized so that you can be responsible for obligations and actions.


Have a spirit of gratitude, caring and mutual trust towards others so that you can show and receive goodwill. Be considerate, converse responsively, collaborate and coordinate effectively with others.


Be grateful and at peace with beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.


Seek and share understanding with respect, patience and humility.


Consistently speak straight and honestly, and do what you say.