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Moshi, TZ – Moshi district government improves nutrition and education for children with special needs – Jan 2024

Children living with disabilities in the Kahe community have not received sufficient caring support for their health and education needs over a long period. However, the government of Moshi district noticed the increase in number of these children, so they then prioritized the need of starting a special needs school program to address the matter.

The Ginja Primary school was appointed to run this program. This created an opportunity for Tupendane to link up with special needs teacher Peter. He was originally living in the Upare mountainous area, which is a different district, before moving to Kahe to provide his services to 15 disadvantaged children. For a few months now, Peter in collaboration with Tupendane has built successful banana and vegetable gardens, and has had a chance to train the children about best gardening practices. This beautiful collaboration of Mr Peter, as a Garden Teacher who is in charge, and other Ginja Primary teachers with support from Tupendane has benefited all 319 Children of Kwa Ginja Primary school who now receive a nutritious breakfast served at school.

The Cook at Ginja , Madam Rachel Jonas Molel has witnessed the benefits from including the garden harvests, which she uses to create a nutritious and palatable breakfast that she says has attracted more children to attend and enjoy eating at the school.

Tupendane has been collaborating with Teacher Peter to improve the newly established banana and vegetable gardens, so that they can become successful not only for Grow-own-Breafast, but also commercial gardens that earn income to help sustain the breakfast program. During this time the Tupendane team learned of a challenge with teacher Peter’s accommodation in Kahe, compared to his original home in the Upare Mountains. Tupendane and Better Lives are dreaming of assisting families with housing needs, and have purchased land that is approximately 20 minutes walk to Ginja primary.