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Kikondo, UG – Family rebuilding support systems with help from Wamukisa – 12 Jan 2018

Wamukisa - ABCD - SOS Family - eating lunch togetherAfter years of loss, the SOS family is rebuilding with the help of Wamukisa. Over the past year, Mama SOS has gone from a very desperate situation, to stability, and now to hope for growth and a better future.

Mama SOS looks after two sons, age 4 and 12. She was born in Kikondo but moved away to live with her husband. 2 years ago he passed away from complications with AIDS. AIDS is a stigmatized disease in Uganda. Mama SOS tried to remain in her husband’s village but eventually the poor treatment she received from her neighbors became too much and she had to leave. She made a quiet return to Kikondo, settling into the home she grew up in which had since been abandoned.

Back in Kikondo life was difficult for the SOS family. Mama SOS had no job, few friends, most of her family was gone, and the family farm had been left untended for years. Her health declined and 2 months after they returned to Kikondo Mama SOS was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her son was diagnosed with kwashiorkor – a form of malnutrition caused by a severe lack of protein – and measles.

Wamukisa - ABCD - SOS Family - boy with pigIt was during their time in the hospital that Wamukisa heard from neighbors about their difficult situation. Wamukisa team members visited the family in the hospital and offered to pay the family’s hospital bill. They also gave Mama SOS a contract to supply brown and green grasses for compost.

Whenever Mama SOS would bring grass to Wamukisa she would ask questions about Wamukisa’s other projects. Through this she learned about garden maintenance, compost production, and water harvesting.

Now Mama SOS has her own organic vegetable garden as well as income from her work with Wamukisa. Doctor’s continue to monitor the children’s health but no longer consider their case an emergency. Mama SOS is hoping to send her youngest child to school in 2019.

Since they have developed a trusting relationship with Mama SOS, Wamukisa decided to pilot a pig-rearing program with her. They offered Mama SOS a grown female pig from their pig pen. She is responsible for finding a boar to impregnate the pig and giving all of the piglets to Wamukisa. After that the pig is hers. This could be a great asset for her as she continues to plan how to afford her children’s education.