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Utete, TZ – Kindergarten’s Grow-own-Breakfast (GOB) garden production – Oct 2023

The KCM team are collaborating with volunteer families to feed vegetables to the village’s kindergarten children. They have maintained the garden’s production since it was successfully moved to a safer location in the village center. The team is harvesting 10 Kilograms of vegetables from 26 garden beds daily for supplying the KLCCDA kindergarten’s children and needy groups in the community. They are using tap water stands to water the gardens.

The KCM social projects are benefiting families and the communities with water connections, business loans, better homes and vegetable production for the school breakfasts. This has built good relations and trust among the community, schools and KCM and, as a witness to this, families are volunteering their time and energy to assist with market vegetable production that generates an income for the families’ self-reliance.

The KCM gardening is now facing watering challenges due to power instability, which causes intermittent Ruwasa water service. The gardens will need to last up to four days without water supply.

KCM is planning to install a 2,000 liter water storage tank to improve gardening production and sustain feeding because ongoing developments in Kindwitwi will raise the number of kindergarten children from 64 currently to over 100 in the future.

This is because the availability of expanded social services and a new city plan is causing families to move to Kinditwi for work opportunities and land for homes.

The increased demand for vegetables will mean moving the compost making banda and connecting the garden to its own water supply tap to avoid relying on KCM manager Dickson’s family water tap.