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Utete, TZ – Organic vegetables improve kindergarten students’ health and success at school – 22 May 2018

IMG_20180422_173811Hilda’s mother, Tatu Mtumbi, is a teacher at the kindergarten. She credits this growth to the daily vegetables KCM supplies the to the school. She says she has seen many students looking and acting healthier since KCM started supplying vegetables to the school.

IMG_20180423_104923Tatu Mtumbi has observed that the students’ attendance, understanding, and energy to learn and play have greatly increased since the vegetable program started. As a teacher she also enjoys her job more becuase students are contribute more in class and learn new concepts faster.

Students are happier now during school lunch breaks and they regularly ask teachers if they will still be able to have green vegetables and porridge for lunch the next day. On a few days when vegetables were not available students did not return to class after the lunch break. This observation gives KCM great motivation to ensure continuous breakfast supply – especially since 3 KCM team members have children at the school.

IMG_3261IMG_20180422_175139The teachers hope the vegetable program at the school will continue to help the kids enjoy going to school, encourage them to learn self-reliant skills, and desire to have a vegetable garden of their own in the future when they have a family.