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Moshi, TZ- ISL Surrey’s donation of iPads positively impacts Primary Schools – 15 Feb 2018

ISL Surrey’s donation of iPads to Mwangaria and Maendeleo Primary Schools make many daily school processes more efficient.

Since the government has put in place electronic communication systems for schools, iPads can be used to easily record and report information like student attendance and performance. The iPads allow the administration at both primary schools to submit any information that is required online. Previously, administrators would have to write reports and records by hand, drive two hours to hand deliver them at the district office, and then drive two hours back.

The iPads create a much simpler and more effective process, while also saving the schools time and money. The teachers are also able to use the iPads to help the students learn. For example, they able to show a picture from the internet to a class.

Maendeleo Primary School already has electricity. Their next I.T. goal is to get a photocopy machine to make it easier to mass produce materials for testing. Mwangaria Primary School is hoping to get an electric connection at school.