We work with schools and families to find solutions to poverty that are holistic, collaborative and sustainable. These solutions are designed to let the schools, families, and children set their own pace for life improvement. [expand title=”+ Holistic” trigclass=”comtitle” targclass=”comtarg” elwraptag=”div” elwrapclass=”comdiv”]Using a holistic approach means understanding and addressing people’s diverse needs. This includes basic support needs like security, water and food, spirit development needs for children to mature into caring and trusted adults, and skills needs like knowledge and productivity to become self-reliant. When all of these needs are fulfilled, children can act with confidence and courage and help others to improve their lives.  [/expand] [expand title=”+ Collaborative” trigclass=”comtitle” targclass=”comtarg” elwraptag=”div” elwrapclass=”comdiv”]We collaborate with our partners, who do the same with families and schools, in a way that supports their ownership of the programs. This collaboration is based upon:
Based upon trust, responsiveness and mutual benefit so that there can be an enduring collaboration between the partners, families and schools.
By the families and schools to help each other and their children to be healthy, educated and able to earn an income.
Knowledge Sharing
So that families and schools can benefit from sharing and using best practices that improve everyone’s lives. [/expand] [expand title=”+ Sustainable” trigclass=”comtitle” targclass=”comtarg” elwraptag=”div” elwrapclass=”comdiv”] 5 Step GraphicA sustainable approach is critical to moving families and communities towards food and economic self-reliance. The programs are designed to be sustainable by improving the quality of: Local water and soil, food supplies, income, housing, and education.

The programs are implemented with a strategy of lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Fit for Purpose solution design augmented with ongoing Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) so that the communities have the best opportunity to sustain them. [/expand]