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Utete, TZ – St. Conleth’s College students assist SIASA Primary School – Jun 2024

Kindwitwi village hosted St Conleth’s College students for a cultural and educational exchange. The Irish school’s students assisted KCM and the local community to develop infrastructure for a Grow-own-Breakfast (GOB) garden that will supply a daily meal for children at Siasa Primary School.

The visiting school students, local voluteers and students collaborated to do the work. They built a GOB organic vegetable and banana garden when they raised and planted 16 vegetable garden beds, and planted 30 banana trees. They also dug a 150 meter long trench to supply water to a standpipe near the garden that will make watering the garden easy. This will assist the sustainability of the harvests and breakfasts at school.

The students made 4 compost piles, 24 liters each of organic sprays of growth booster, and past repellant using pungent plants. These assist sustainable maintenance of the garden with less running costs. This promotes sustainable practices and environmental stewardship through organic gardening for nourishing the soil to sustain quality harvest for the children’s health.

They also assisted with improving the school’s water, sanitation and hygiene (SWASH) facilities by painting the renovated 12 toilet block, adding hand wash buckets. They painted educational murals on classroom walls to contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. The hope is that the GOB, SWASH facilities and attractive learning environment will help grow attendance and academic performance.

They also contributed 14 mattresses to the school’s kindergarten for children’s rest time. At Utete secondary school, the students installed 50 mosquito nets in the school dormitory to protect the boarding students from catching malaria.

The Better Lives local partner KCM hosted the students. KCM wishes to strengthen their collaboration with the organizations that made this trip possible because hosting assists local schools, families and children to progress towards sustainable living. TA, STC and KCM community to inspire future student groups to engage in impactful community projects to assist more schools, families and children’s lives sustainably to self-sufficient reliance.