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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Sharing knowledge to improve lives – Aug 2023

The children and teachers of Kisuluni and Lasso primary schools in Mkyashi areas have been trained by the Lishe Bora team about different knowledge and best practises of banana and vegetable growing for the Last two years now.

These knowledge they acquired has been useful for producing enough vegetables and bananas at their schools farms and contributed for a period of not less than a year now.

In the next month all the class seven children in both schools (52 children) are going to gradute their primary school education , some of them have mentioned to be so thankfully for these useful knowledges they have received and they will be applying them when they are back home and start their own small home banana gardens for business.

This will be a benefit to their families during this time of employment scarcities, and in turn they will pass on their ideas and knowledge to a good number of other youth in their villages who are struggling with making their daily bread. The challenges we are expecting the children will experience is lack of enough resources available for them in their homes, and also lack of enough reliable marketing for their bananas.

Lishe Bora is hoping to identify these youth and advise them to join a Village Community Banking (VICOBA) group supported by Lishe Bora. The VICOBA design will enable Lishe Bora to keep good track of the youth, and through the loans program assist them to step by step overcome business challenges and help make their banana business dream come true for themsleve and for their families.