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Utete, TZ – Kindergarten garden club is great fun! – 31 Oct 2022

After the KCM team assisted the start of Malihai garden club, with boarding students at Utete secondary school, the team started a garden club with KLCCDA kindergarten school children and their families to support their Grow-own-Breakfast program.

KCM formed the children gardening club for training about organic gardening. The children, who start at five years old expect to move to a local primary school when they are six or seven years old. Currently, the club has 10 members learning and volunteering to assist the KCM team with gardening activities in the Kindergarten school garden each Saturday.

KCM manager Dickson and his team are ready to spare their time to share knowledge to the children who love farming. The community families are happy with this concept and recommend their children to join the gardening club.

KCM are facing the challenge that the children need some special gardening tools, sports gear, and additional utensils for school breakfast serving because some children share plates and others wait to finish to have plates for vegetables. This challenge will be presented to the next parent’s meeting, when they will be asked to contribute plates for their children at school.

The KCM team hope that the children who are experiencing the garden club will pass on their knowledge and use their skills when they are at home and also when they enter primary school, because it will benefit their personal health and future lives.