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Moshi, TZ – Design for less running expenses for long term sustainability – 31 May 2022

The uncontrolled tremendous raising of fuel price in the world has become one of the obstacles towards school farming practices in Tanzania, as it has a direct impact on school children continuous making their own daily breakfast affordably,

Through different strategies applied on combating a very common global issue on unpromising climate change , children, teachers and parents of Kahe Ward primary schools are adapting irrigation systems on their fields for continuous annual production with less rains available at the moment. This newly applied strategy has encountered a fuel price challenge which then makes the running of fuel pumps on the schools farms become unsustainable. This situation led to a call for a shoulder to shoulder collaboration between the Better Lives and Tupendane teams for improving the irrigation pump design. The problem solving led to a mobile solar electric pumping system.

As a small step implementation of the new design we will use one mobile solar electric pump in all the school farms, and observe its efficiency and effectiveness before we want to purchase and build more systems. A mobile design has considered not only how expensive the set is to purchase at each school but also the security of the set itself.