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Kikondo, UG – Zinabala VICOBA staple crop progresses well in rainy season – 31 May 2022

YNM father manure in maize

Maize which the YNM Family Agriculture Group planted in March already has grown taller than the leader of the group, the grain is maturing well, and manure bags remain for next planting season. The group was hired by Zinabala VICOBA to open a 3 acre staple crop garden this season. After using in February the new soil nourishing method they learned in training with Wamukisa, they now look forward to having high yields as compared to previous harvests. Decomposed plant material used to cover the soil in February now provides mulch and helps to retain rain water during the growing season. Maize and the beans intercropped are thriving.

Depending on the harvest season weather, the Zinabala VICOBA expects to harvest large crops in August or September. Harvest yields may be approximately 6000kgs to 7000kgs of maize and 800kgs to 1000kgs of beans, market valued at approximately 8,600,000 shillings (approximately $2,500). Currently the VICOBA plans to distribute 40% of the crop for its members to eat, to sell 50% at harvest market, and to save 10% to plant the following season, or to eat if an unexpected food emergency occurs, or to sell when market prices are higher.

The experienced farmers know that weather can challenge plans, and in recent years rain has been later than usual and more unpredictable. YNM family and the other five Agriculture Group families are excited about the group garden. The VICOBA members dream that they are now going to harvest more, earn more, save more and later invest more in their event management business which now is becoming more profitable since the country is closer to pre-pandemic normalcy.