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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Scolastica Bosco Shayo story – 31 Dec 2021

Scolastica, her family, our partner Lishe Bora’s manager Mary and the Barns family are so very happy to celebrate Scolastica’s graduation with a Grade A Award for her excellent performance at St. Mary Goreti secondary school, Moshi, Tanzania. Scolastica’s family are proud of her education and very grateful to the Barns family for sponsoring her education via our partner Lishe Bora.

Scola’s mother passed away a week after she joined the secondary school. A devaststing blow to the whole family, which Scola found so terribly difficult. She now lives with her father as a single parent child.

Despite the great loss, her father’s and the Barns family’s support has led Scola to do well at school and dream of volunteering to assist needy children and elders groups, establishing a cosmetic shop for treating skin cases, and becoming a bone specialist doctor.