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Utete, TZ – Dickson’s delivery business assists farmers to access reliable buyers – 31 Oct 2021

Dixon’s toyo delivery business is providing trading opportunities among farmers and middlemen buyers in inaccessible areas of the Utete Region of southern Tanzania.

The farmers are getting more income because the service is reducing their cost to reach buyers in the market. This is because connecting farmers with buyers, saves farmers time and money. The business has not been without challenges, there are no proper roads so Dickson has to create them by driving over rough ground. This has resulted in some flat tires! Also people have been copying his delivery business; however, they failed due to lack of experience and marketing skills. Two of the toyos have packed up and a third moved to Dar es Salaam to find business.

Dixon is dreaming of running the delivery business to pay off 100% of the toyo loan before its efficiency drops in the next 3 years, when it will be 6 years old and about ready to be sold for around 2.5M TZS.