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Moshi, TZ – Land Purchase offers hope of future Rent-to-Earn shops and Rent-to-Own homes – 31 Oct 2021

Partners Tupendane and Better Lives wish to assist disadvantaged families to improve their incomes and then housing in a sustainable way. There is a fear that land prices will rise and make it even harder for rural families to achieve this, so the partners have purchased three acres next to a main rural road to Moshe, Tanzania.

Many families in Kahe Ward of the Moshi Rural District earn so little that an average family size of six people and no land will need ages to save the necessary amounts of cash to have their own homes. So they mostly end up renting homes during the whole of their blessed one and only life. Tupendane wants to assist families and young people to avoid this stressful path by assisting them to earn income and then purchase a home by paying rent until the house, land, improvements and low rate of interest is paid for by the rent payments.

Tupendane is designing ways for families to increase their income so that one day they will qualify for affordable Rent-to-Own housing. The organization has been assisting families to start Village Community Banking (VICOBA) groups, which offer a way to acquire capital for investing in small business opportunities. The next step is building a Rent-to-Earn (RTE) shop by the main road, connecting it to the local electricity supply, and renting it to a disadvantaged young adult who has a dream of earning enough consistent income as a shopkeeper to one day qualify for a rent-to-own home and be able to support a happy family.