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Kilimanjaro, TZ – EA family installs home electicity connection and invests in a barber shop – 31 Aug 2021

The EA family are smiling becuase they have connected their home to the electricity grid, and have invested in a barber shop business. Elizabeth the mother works for a local social enterprise called Lishe Bora assisting families with their vegetable gardens.

The family sell vegetables from their home garden and raise livestock, and now the barber shop will enable them to earn more income. It will give their son, who suffers from epilepsy, both a job as a hairdresser and an income to pay for his very important medication. The additional income will also contribute to supporting their children’s food and school supplies.

Their good sized family face the challenge of living in a home that is very small for them all so they dream of expanding their home to five rooms, which will enable them to feel more comfortable and make their home more useable. They also dream of supporting Emanuela to go to a boarding school to learn with other girls.