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Battambag, KH – COVID pandemic is keeping families close to home – 31 Mar 2021

The KJ family is growing mornjng glory to eat and also sell to neighbors. This is because most markets are either much less active or closed, so families are tending to earn income and source most of their needs locally.

Fortunately, the first rains of the wet season arrived a few weeks ago so the family planted morning glory and long beans. The family have just harvested 30 Kg / 66 lbs of morning glory from three beds and have two beds remaining that they will harvest next week. They earned $15 when they sold the harvest for US$ 0.50/Kg / US$ 0.23/lb.

More rain is going to be important in the coming weeks because their pond is at a low level. They need more water for drinking, cooking, washing and watering their home and market garden beds. Now is the time to pray for more rain and less COVID for everyone so that life can return to being more sustainable.