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Kikondo, UG – FMJ Family expands with Wamukisa trainings – 15 Oct 2020

Last year, FMJ family rebuilt their home with the help of the community. This year, the family enjoys the benefits of their small family garden. Each week, the family earns a small amount of income from their garden. Additionally, they’re making small investments home and further income like household items and expanding pig projects.

Since 2017, FMJ Family has learned and implemented guidance from Wamukisa. Using the training provided by Wamukisa, FMJfamily received their first garden and after some time began saving 30,000 UGS ( $25 USD) per month from vegetable sales. They’ve come back from a large challenge of losing their home due to hail. It’s fortunate that they’ve had such community support to push forward.

They used their monthly earnings to expand their garden and purchase some household items for their children. Additionally, the FNS family has started a small pig and goat project. By applying the knowledge that Wamukisa made available to them, the family has improved their lives tremendously as seen in the efforts they’ve made on a repeatable garden.

Since Coronavirus and the Government mandated lockdown, FMJ Family sales have dropped slightly due to the encouragement of “Covid Gardens” in Uganda.

However, FMJ Family is hopeful to begin earning from their pig and goat project and put more effort into this project.