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Utete, TZ – Former village chairman finds buyer – 15 Aug 2020

After months of searching for the right buyer, Omari Mtumbi finally finds a customer for his chicken business. He earned a large amount of revenue and paid some advance payments on his loan.

Animal husbandry in Tanzania can be difficult at times, especially chickens. It takes a delicate Quality Balance to ensure the health and value of each chicken. However, even if the farmer has the Quality Balance perfected, they still run into challenges with the market. Seasonality, market prices, and buyers are all fickle. Fortunately for Omari, he found someone he may be able to partner with.

Finding a business partner is critical for Omari. He can raise the best chickens in all of East Africa, but with no one to buy them at the right price, his efforts are pointless. Omari spent a lot of time marketing his chickens to local buyers and finally found someone willing to purchase the quality he produces. He is currently organizing their mutual schedules in order to meet the buyer’s demand for chickens.

Balancing the Quality of his chickens to the need of the buyer is proving difficult. He needs chickens now and not six months from now as Omari has promised. Undettered he hopes to keep his buyer interested.

Additionally, KCM and Omari are trying out a new market that’s developing on WhatsApp, the messaging app that’s a primary means of communication in Tanzania. Omari and KCM are sending detailed advertising messages to their contacts all over the immediate area showing off the quality of Omari’s chickens.