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Ngara, TZ – SODAT applies principles to save breakfast program – 15 Aug 2020

Knowing that corn and beans would soon run out, SODAT applied the Quality Balance and Check, Act, Plan, Do (CAPD) principles. These principles will ensure the breakfast serving program’s predictability.

After the 2nd quarter, SODAT accurately predicted an ingredient shortage by October. The ingredient shortage will create an unpredictable breakfast serving environment for the students. To prevent this, SODAT and the school communities used the Quality Balance and CAPD principles. Schools and communities agreed to contribute corn and SODAT adjusted the design accordingly. By changing the design, each school ensured that breakfast would be predictably served every day, for instance.

Predictability is key for students to feel secure in their learning environment. No matter the challenges they may face at school, they can predictably anticipate a meal every day of school. Additionally, the schools developed a priceless connection between SODAT and the communities. They understand the need to balance to meet the demands of a new challenge.

SODAT continuously looks for ways to increase harvests. He has created intuitive schedules for schools to follow and checks them weekly, for instance. David and his team admire the community efforts to come together during difficult times but want to increase each school’s self-reliance.

Recently, SODAT provided each school with manure to increase the banana farms’ yields. Bananas may be the key to improving self-reliance. Bananas provide large bunches year-round and are cost-effective to maintain. SODAT hopes each school can take advantage of the opportunity.