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Battambang, KH – Bicycle gives better access to education – 31 Aug 2020

N and her sister can now ride their bicycle 6 Km from home to school and back each day. Previously, they got up early and walked to school. The bicycle was the idea of her grandma, class teacher and school director.

N is 10 years old little girl, studying in grade 4. Her class teacher always praises her for her hard work in both in school and at home.

N’s family is quite poor. She lives with her grandma and her three other siblings. Her grandma makes cakes to sell at the market and her brother works as laborer on building sites. All the burden of family is in the hands of her grandma and her brother. N’s parent went to work in Thailand 3 years ago, and they always sent some money to her grandma to raise the children until last year.

Last year her father fell down from the third floor of a building where he worked in Thailand. So now her mother has to work to earn money to care for him, and is unable to send money to grandma for the children’s living expenses and education.

Despite this set back, grandma still wants her grandchildren to go to school but does not have money to pay for additional after school study. N works very hard to make up for no after school tuition. She hopes that when she finishes her study, she will be able to get a good job and pay for her parents to return home.