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Utete, TZ – KCM Employees protect themselves from coronavirus – 30 Mar 2020

After Tanzania’s coronavirus cases began to increase, KCM employees moved towards combining resources so they could purchase necessary materials and supplies.

Utete, more especially Kinditiwi, is fairly secluded and does not receive many travelers. However, the small village houses a leper colony. KCM began considering the health of these individuals and decided it would be best to protect themselves and their community by reducing the number of trips they make to large markets

By buying in bulk they’ve reduced the number of trips necessary to collect materials. Additionally, they avoided higher prices that are expected in the area after scarcities begin.

Currently, they are working on how to navigate these new conditions. For instance, Dickson, the owner of the delivery business, is learning that many businesses are closing down due to lack of business which has a direct impact on his own.