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Siem Reap, KH – Providing shelter for my family – 16 Dec 2019

TPS has no land and therefore is not a member of the shop’s vegetable garden program. However, her family has been inspired by seeing the rent-to-own home families growing vegetables for their daily meals. She is dreaming of a future success, of living in a rent-to-own home and growing vegetables for her two year old daughter, husband, mother and brother.

TPS believes that having a rent-to-own home will benefit her child’s and younger brother’s education because they will not be moving from place to place. They can look forward to a great sense of belonging to the surrounding community, and the freedom to live as they wish. For many, the freedom to live as they wish is the major goal in their life. They are fond of pets, so having their own home will provide a happy and safe place for them. A permanent address will be used for all official documentation and they need not worry about changing schools, so her child will be able to build strong lifelong friendships with other children of her age group.

TPS’s life has not been easy, as she tells us in her own words. “My story is not as special but a story of ordinary people encounters every day, the story of ordinary people who have always dreamed of their family’s success and happiness. My Dad passed away when I was a kid, we never enjoy life because we worry too much about the food we will eat for next meal. When I was young, I helped my mom a lot, to help my siblings. I was a very young kid and I was never so happy I was looking for my Dad’s love. From my childhood I have never had enough the education, we were so poor, homeless because we live in so small like chicken house. Now I have a family of my own and it is my dream that my child will not experience what I have been through so much. it is hard to get out from poverty; I want my child to go to school and get a job in the future so that she can support her own family without my help. Now while I am still strong, I will continue to guide her in pursuing her dream by going to school and striving to become productive in the community for it is only education that can help us out from poverty. As a wife, I support my husband dream and plan. My husband work as a tuktuk taxi driver where sometime they make good money and sometime, they don’t, as alternative to increase our income we will plant vegetables and raise chicken and ducks.”

TPS dreams of having their own house, because: “from the moment when my Dad was not still alive we don’t have a house and we never lived in a comfortable and safe home. My wish is that my child can experience living in a beautiful environment. Our happiness is all about living with our child in our own home.

I talk about challenge because it motivates me to do more. We have a lot of challenge in life. In life we do not grow and move forward without challenge. For me the most important is the attitude when there is challenge. For me, challenge means what will we eat for dinner tonight. Challenge means to me that how will I provide shelter to my child and family? That is the big challenge!”