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Battambang, KH – Restarting life in Cambodia – 21 Nov 2019

CH is back from working in Thailand and would love to restart his vegetable garden once again. Before he left for Thailand, students visiting from the UK assisted his family by funding and building a water storage tank at his home.

His family’s economic situation caused CH to take a break from caring for his vegetable garden and go to work in Thailand. Now he is back and has restarted his vegetable garden, which contributes to feeding his family and paying for his children’s study.

Beside his family garden, he has added additional beds of lettuce, leafy salad and beans. He is an active and hardworking family man, who earns US$15 to US$20 from his harvest every two weeks. The income from selling vegetable is used for other daily food items, and his children’s education. However, it is not sufficient for all the family’s needs or to even buy seedlings for replanting. This is because his children now go to higher grades, so their school fees have risen.

Therefore, CH wants to restart his pig raising to earn additional income. He has the experience and a good track record, because in the past he repaid a pig rearing loan successfully.