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Kikondo UG – Community bands together to help rebuild FMJ family’s house – 15 June 2019

20190621 FMJ ABCDThe FMJ family is turning tragedy into an opportunity to show their neighbors the benefits of saving money. The family is rebuilding their home after it was damaged by a hail storm in 2018..

Hail is highly unusual in Kikondo, but in 2018 the community was battered by a storm. The FMJ family’s roof collapsed and the inside was ruined by the intense hail. No one was harmed, but the family was without a home.

Fortunately, the FMJ family had taken advantage of a number of Wamukisa’s and used these programs to build up their savings. They operated a family vegetable garden, used water from Wamukisa’s community distribution point, and took part in the local banking group. The family used their savings and requested support from the banking group’s community support fund. This enabled  them to buy bricks, tin sheets, doors, and windows to repair their home.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-24 at 08.26.49The home is not complete yet, but it’s come a long way since the hail storm and the FMJ family hopes to move into the new home by the end of August.