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Battambang, KH – Bicycling to school – 28 Feb 2018

Chern bicyclesRiding to school is saving 20 minutes per day travel time. The local garden shop recently awarded the CC family with the bicycle to recognize their efforts to continuously care for their very productive vegetable garden since it was built in 2016.

CC’s three grandchildren are very grateful for the bicycle because they can all ride together on it to school.  The time saved gives them time to help their grandmother and grandfather with work around the house such as watering and harvesting vegetables in the garden and preparing breakfast.  They also have more time for study and some occasional well-earned relaxation time.

Before they had the bicycle, they got up from bed very early to walk to school and go straight into first class. At home, they did not have much gap between returning from school and going to bed.

Shop manager Salee says that having a bicycle is like having a car for many families, because it is their only form of transport. The family’s Grandmother is now using the bicycle to take the surplus vegetables from their garden to the local market.  She tells Salee that she is now earning income from selling the vegetables in less time than before they received the bicycle.




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