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Temeke, TZ – SAWA finalizes WASH improvement projects for Temeke Municipality – 3 Mar 2016

Group handwashing at Temeke“Water is an inevitable factor for our daily life activities; we cannot live without water. We hope to see the young generation enjoying healthy lives and becoming an engine to drive forward this area of school WASH and to see teachers and pupils sharing good hygiene practices among themsevles as well as with their families and friends.”

School committee chairperson Thabit Mtono spoke these words of gratitude and encouragement after SAWA finished the Temeke Municipality school Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project they have been working on for over a year.

The project has improved WASH facilities for 13 primary schools in Temeke Municipality. The scope of the project is best understood by review the project outputs:

  • Toilet drop holes in the municipality were increased from 117 to 322
  • 24 new toilets were installed for students with disabilities
  • 15 new toilets were installed for teachers
  • 28 handwashing facilities with 104 outlets were installed
  • 22 single user handwashing facilities for teachers and students with disabilities were installed
  • 4 new boreholes drilled
  • 7 new water pumps installed
  • 7 new water towers and storage tanks built
  • 13 schools connected to government pipe networks
  • Girls’ hygiene facilities installed at all 13 schools
  • Wash clubs established at each school with a total of 442 students and 46 teachers participating

SAWA will continue to monitor the projects and make sure schools are following up with their Operations and Maintenance plans.