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Morogoro, TZ – Twarumbwa project improving water access to rural villages – 21 Aug 2015

SAWA is continuing to work with the Twarumbwa Project in Kilosa District, Morogoro Region to provide better access to water for residents. The organization is still working with four villages and has completed assignments in one village.

2015 q2 - pump installation

Water pump installation.

In the village of Rudewa, SAWA has completed the installation and testing of 12 kilometers of plumbing as well as the rehabilitation of a second storage tank which means greater access to water for more residents. Upon completion of these projects, village leaders met to discuss an operational budget, maintenance plans, and plans to adequately meet the water needs of lower-income residents.  In addition, over 2,601 people have been trained on proper hand-washing techniques through home visits.

SAWA is working with the remaining villages to supply plumbing and tanks to allow for greater water access to more residents.

Next steps toward completion of TWARUMBWA project:
1. Completion of plumbing extension in remaining village
2. Distribution of pipe networks
3. Continue to develop COWSO management training for Twatwatwa and Manyara
4. Continue to monitor sanitation and hygiene activities in villages where projects have been completed.