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Siem Reap, KH – Teacher’s Family applies for livestock loan – 2 Jan 2015

Lem-Chat-FamilyThe LC family are applying for a USS$100 livestock loan to enable them to purchase a pair of piglets to fatten and sell. The loan with interest totaling US$101.50 will be repaid in six months after the fattened pigs are sold.

Our local partner Peaksneng Thormacheat Garden Shop will administer the loan and provide ongoing pig rearing and business mentoring.

The garden shop assists local families to achieve food and income self-reliance by helping them build organic vegetable gardens that provide healthy food and additional income from selling surplus vegetables.

The LC family are a young couple who were married three years ago, and now have two children.   The father is an art teacher at one of the Peaksneng village schools.  Teachers are paid extremely low wages in Cambodia, which means that he frequently works as a farmer during the school holidays to provide for the basic needs of his family.

The family would like to increase their income so that they can save money for improving their home and their children’s education.  Therefore, they would like to purchase a pair of piglets for US$100 so that they can fatten them for selling.  In six months the fattened pigs can weigh 65 Kg each and be sold for US$2 per Kg. earning a total of US$260, which would cover the costs, repay the loan, and leave money for savings.