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Access to financial services increases enables economic self-reliance. Families are able to start businesses that can double and even triple their daily income. Community members benefit from the provision of goods and services that were previously missing in the community. These programs empower communities to grow through their own ingenuity.

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Loans Disbursed in Tanzania : 25
Loans Disbursed in Philippines:
Loans Disbursed in Cambodia:


What We Do Better Lives helps families build credit and then provides funding for micro-loans. To date, families have used loans for small businesses, livestock, agriculture, water connections, home improvement, and education.

How We Do It Families can build credit through maintaining productive Organic Vegetable Gardens. When families show they have sustained income to support loan repayments, our local partners work with the family to propose a viable business plan.

Self-SustainingMicro Loan chicken banda 600 Once the first loan-recipients begin making repayments, their repayments can be used to fund the next round of loans. Loans and donations from outside sources enable loan programs to grow faster.