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Caba, PH – SO Family Pig Fattening – 27 Jun 2014

In early 2013 the SO family were able to start a small business of fattening piglets that were supplied by a neighbor. They successfully sold their fattened pigs to middlemen, repaid their neighbor for the piglets, and shared the profit with their neighbor.

Unfortunately the same middlemen took advantage of the family’s trust with the second set of fattened pigs, when they collected them to sell to the market without first paying for them. Instead, they promised to return with the money after they sold the pigs. Sadly, they never returned with the money! This meant that the family had no money to repay their neighbor for the piglets, and there was no profit for either the family or their neighbor. Important income had been stolen from two families!

The garden shop team learned about this terrible situation during a garden mentoring visit. The team offered to help by buying a piglet for the SO family to fatten and then buying the fattened pig for a fair market price. They offered that the family could keep all the profit, instead of the normal arrangement to share the profit between the piglet owner and the family fattening the pig, so that the family could pay back their neighbor.

The garden shop team did not stop there. They also helped the family track down and collect the money from the middlemen who took their pigs.

In addition to the pig fattening, the family are also engaged in the soft broom business and the garden shop has offered to partner with them to help transport their product to the local town.