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Caba, PH – RS family, Quest team member – 11 Nov 2013

RS is one of the original members of the Quest Building and Maintenance team.  He finds that his achievements since joining Quest are hard to immediately put into words.  When he was asked how his life has improved, he was speechless and responded with such a big smile.  He is very thankful that he was given the chance to be part of Sergio’s Quest core team that is continuing to work on the Training Center project.  He shares that he has gained more confidence and is now able to fulfill his main job as provider for his wife and children.

His Quest income has enabled him to save some money and extend his vegetable garden in their home’s backyard.  Quest’s partner, the Happy Shine garden shop, trained his family how to maintain the garden so that it gave his them additional income for other needs.  This means that their children are now able to participate in their school’s extracurricular activities, like Boy Scouts for his sons and Girl Scouts for his daughters, which include inter-school camping and other activities.

During the off peak work time at Quest, he and his wife help the Waves of Love Assistance Fund by  volunteering at the new training center that he is helping build.  They clean the center, collect water for the comfort rooms (while the water system is being installed), and collect and safely dispose of garbage and trash from the center’s clinic.

RS’s mother-in-law now lives with them, but she is very sick.  They are financially challenged with her medications for high blood pressure and diabetes.  They hope that Quest will continue to employ him so that he can sustain not only his wife and children’s needs, but also his mother-in-law’s medical needs.

The family used to live in a lean to shanty, but now they have a small comfortable rental home with electric light.  Their children now have enough light to study at night, which was not the case when they lived in the shanty and relied on a kerosene lamp.  RS and his wife dream of having a house that they can call their own one day.  Their goals are for their children as well.  The couple want them to all finish school, eventually have a job on their own, and continue to be part of the Waves of Love and Quest Community.