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Dar es Salaam, TZ – Mothers receive birth certificates – 30 Apr 2013

During April, the ATD team continued to visit the different parents at the house of MA to discuss with them and organise the necessary documentation to register the births of their children. For some cases it was more complicated.

For example, with MM, to register the birth of her son M, the RITA administration office needed to make a research because MM no longer has her ‘announcement of birth’ document (Tangazo in Swahili). This meant for three weeks we had to return to the RITA office to see if the research was finished. Finally it was, RITA was able to confirm the announcement of birth, and the application for a birth certificate was made.

The team supported three families in a similar situation, needing a research to be completed before a birth certificate application could be made. Also, another family had the correct paperwork, but because the child was older and the paperwork was in very poor condition, the RITA staff asked that the mother get confirmation and an official stamp from her local Street Government office before accepting her paperwork. All this made the process much slower than in March, however, we were able to register the births of four children. The certificates will be ready in May.

As for MA and other parents living in her house, we are happy to confirm that they received the birth certificates for their children, seven in total.  Well done to the ATD team, MA and the parents for what they have done for their children who will now be able to attend school when they are ready.