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Caba, PH – Weather impacts Waves Learning Center – 15 Sep 2012

Edita heads our local partner “Waves of Love Assistance Fund”, and she has a dream to offer vocational training to local disadvantaged people, so that they can learn new skills, get jobs and support their families.

Ninth week of construction of vocational training center

Ninth week of construction of vocational training center

Sergio and his team from Quest Building & Maintenance Services are building the Waves Training Center, where the vocational training will take place.  Early on they had to deal with very heavy rains, which made the building site so wet and muddy that it was very hard to make progress.  They are targeting to finish the Training Center’s Phase I by the last week of December 2012, if the weather is favorable!

The Training Center will include a clinic, training kitchen and a Food Always In The Home (FAITH) garden business, which will help families to grow vegetables organically so that they can consistently feed their families and sell surplus vegetables for income.