Pig Pen

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Pig Pen


Your donation to a revolving loan fund enables a family to build a “Happy Pig Banda” where they can raise up to 8 pigs at a time. They will buy piglets, fatten them, and sell the fattened pigs to the butcher. The family will be able to use the income from pig sales to reinvest in their business or improve their home or their children’s education. Total cost of a pig pen with pigs is $1,400.

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  • Accomodates up to 8 pigs at a time
  • Vented roof improves airflow and reduces smell
  • Protected food troughs separate pigs during eating time and prevent pigs from lying in food
  • Each pigs sells for over US$100 when fully fattened
  • Pigs are healthier and fatten quicker because the pen is designed to increase comfort, reduce stress, and improve health
  • Medical expenses are reduced because the food trough is designed to reduce contamination, diseases, and conflict between the pigs


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