12-Bed Organic Garden – Learn More


12-Bed Organic Garden – Learn More


Your donation helps parents feed and educate their children by building an organic vegetable garden to feed the family, reduce food purchases, and earn income from selling surplus vegetables. Total cost of a 12-bed garden is $200.

  • Garden produces organically grown vegetables.
  • Proper crop rotation ensures that families can harvest from at least one bed each day.
  • Families learn to intercrop with different varieties of vegetables including leafy greens, legumes, roots, and fruit-setting.
  • Vegetable sales and savings prove a family’s ability to repay small business loans.
  • Organic vegetables safely improve health, taste, and nutritional values without dangerous chemicals.
  • Provides an average of 8 pounds of vegetables per day.
  • Diverse crops provide children with diverse nutrients including vitamins, proteins, and amino acids.
  • Families with successful gardens can qualify to expand their gardens or get small business loans.


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