SODAT 2016 Impact Report



Programs and projects helped:
3 schools
1,912 Children

SODAT continued to focus on providing school breakfast in 2016. Kabalenzi, Mukibogoye, and Mukirehe Primary Schools all continued to receive nutritional breakfast flour throughout the year.

SODAT also collaborated with all three of those schools to build new fuel efficient stoves. The stoves reduce the economic and environmental costs of burning wood, and also reduce smoke in the cooking area which is important for the health of the cooks.

Mukibogoye Primary School is piloting SODAT’s “Grow Your Own Breakfast” program. SODAT helped the school plant 600 banana trees and expand their vegetable gardening area to 84 beds. They hope they have staged the people, processes, and parts for a successful 2017.

Most Impactful Implementation

SODAT implemented:
2 programs
6 projects

Ngara, TZ – Garden Shop team pushes to stage school for success in 2017 – 15 Dec 2016

The SODAT Garden Shop team has been very busy throughout the end of 2016. They have been working hard to stage Mukibogoye Primary School to begin growing their own school breakfast by the end of 2017. In the last 4 months of 2016 the team collaborated with primary school students to:

  • Plant 600 banana trees
  • Organize 185 students into 35 garden clubs
  • Maintain 7 organic vegetable gardens harvesting 75 kg. / week
  • Purchase foot-powered water pumps, pipes, and other equipment for garden maintenance
  • Train the Equipment Club and Water Club for 2017 responsibilities

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Hosting Student Groups

SODAT hosted:
0 groups
0 students

SODAT did not host any groups in 2016. They hope to take part in Group Hosting Training in 2017 and look forward to hosting groups in the future.

Path Stage: Access Resources

# Schools
0 graduated from the stage
1 working to graduate

SODAT helped Mukibogoye Primary School access water for their “Grow Your Own Breakfast” program by supplying foot-powered water pumps, pipes, water barrels, and watering cans.  Making it easy to water vegetable gardens from a stream will be a critical part of the success of the “Grow Your Own Breakfast” program for primary schools.

Path Stage: Apply Knowledge

# Families
2 graduated from the stage
12 working to graduate

14 families have started gardens with the SODAT garden shop. Most of those families are still learning how to harvest from their gardens on a daily basis.

2 families have achieved sustainable harvests, receive regular income from their gardens, and are applying organic gardening skills to other projects.

Ngara, TZ – Garden shop employee using skills to start new project – 27 May 2016

Elias joined the SODAT garden shop in March 2015. In September of that year he started a vegetable garden with two neighboring families. His experience working for the garden shop enabled him to lead those families in maintaining a profitable vegetable garden for more than eight months. Now they are using those same skills to start a new project.

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Path Stage: Strengthen Health

# Families
2 graduated from the stage
0 working to graduate

SODAT did not work on programs within this Path Stage in 2016. However, their work supplying breakfast to primary school students has a direct effect on students’ long-term health.

Path Stage: Earn Income

# Families
1 graduated from stage
2 working to graduate stage
2 Saving

2 Received Loan

1 family started earning enough income in 2016 to invest in home improvements. 2 families are still saving and working to improve their incomes so they can begin improving their homes in 2017.

Ngara, TZ – Garden shop manager saving to build new home – 2 Nov 2016

SODAT Garden shop manager David is looking forward to getting married in May and hopes he can complete his new home in time for the wedding. He is also starting a chicken-rearing project which he hopes will help him cover the finishing costs of the home.

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Path Stage: Improve Home

# Families
0 graduated from stage
1 working to graduate
1 saving
0 received loan

1 family earned enough consistent income to begin making home improvements. Another family is saving and hoping to begin building a new home in 2017.

Ngara, TZ – Employee, and his customers, enjoying electric connection – 15 Dec 2016

At the age of 27, SODAT Garden Shop employee Shafan is enjoying a home electric connection for the first time. Shafan spent his third quarter performance bonus on connecting his home to new power lines running through Mukibogoye.

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Path Stage: Enhance Education

3 Schools helped
1,912 Children helped


SODAT continued working with Kabalenzi, Mukirehe, and Mukibogoye Primary Schools in 2016 providing school breakfast and new stoves.

Ngara, TZ – New stoves at school kitchens are healthier and more efficient – 25 Feb 2016

New stoves at three primary schools in Ngara have cut cooking time by 33% and reduced wood use by 80% for school breakfast cooks. The new stoves also reduce the amount of smoke in the kitchen. The smoke can be harmful to the cooks, who spend hours each day preparing breakfast for the students.

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