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Kilimanjaro, TZ – Lishe Bora continues mentoring families while maintaining good social distance practices – 15 April 2020

Lishe Bora’s manager went into a stay at home order due to the fact that she lives in a smaller city, but she manages her team from home and communicates by phone with families.

Mary, the manager of Lishe Bora has been working closely with Anna to mentor families in maintaining their gardens. Anna coaches the family and provides in-person follow up while wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. And later, Mary provides over the phone follow up with the family to discuss challenges they’re experiencing with their gardens

The family gardens are important for families to maintain due to both strengthening their immune system to protect them from the coronavirus, but also the gardens lessens their need for traveling to larger markets for everyday vegetables. Having vegetables every day also means that they’re saving money to keep them more financially secure during these uncertain times.

The Lishe Bora team is challenged by safely meeting up with every family, as well as the Kirua VICOBA and Mkyashi Water Committee. Anna has to strategize her mentor visits to both benefit the family and keep her self safe.

The team is looking forward to assisting families during this time and ensuring that everyone maintains their family gardens.