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Kikondo, UG – Wamukisa prepares for coronavirus lockdown – 30 Mar 2020

Kampala city center minibus depot before and after Coronavirus lockdown
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Uganda has implemented strict measures to control the Coronavirus within its borders. The Wamukisa team has collaborated to collect materials and supplies to safeguard their finances and safety, so that they can continue to assist and mentor local families.

The Ugandan government took swift action, canceling all schools and reducing travel by minibus and passenger motorcycle to help prevent the spread. This has kept the COVID-19 caseload from growing, but has impacted the economy. In order to protect themselves, Wamukisa has purchased the permitted amount of materials so that they can remain safe and healthy.

The team purchased items like soap, hand washing buckets, face masks and the type of food they can keep for long periods of time. This has enabled them to stay safe while working with local families to assist them to navigate these new circumstances. The government has banned gatherings, so the Village Cooperative Bank (VICOBA) groups have postponed meetings until it is safe to meet. Additionally, Wamukisa has created a set of procedures that enables them to mentor families about their family vegetable gardens while keeping the team and families safe. The families are very relieved that they are able to grow vegetables during this difficult virus time.