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Battambang, KH – Productive garden earns credit worthiness! – 29 Feb 2020

KJ family vegetable garden

Salee of the Healthy Life shop is pleased to learn of KJ’s desire to raise pigs again. He is also very happy to see the results of his and his wife’s hard work to maintain and expand their organic vegetable garden, feed their family and earn money from selling vegetables.

The garden was extended with the assistance of students of St Peter’s School York last summer, and has been earning more income since.

Jek is currently facing a challenge with his normal irrigation water supply that he pumps from the nearby river, because it has been blocked upstream.

This is a large hurdle for his garden and also for livestock because he is keen to use his livestock skills to raise pigs. When the time is right, he is planning to apply to the Healthy Life shop for a pig loan. Salee will consider this application because KJ and his wife have cared to make their garden very productive.