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Siem Reap, KH – Family moves into safe home after a decade in difficult conditions – 30 Sep 2019

“To have a rent-to-own home is one of the greatest achievements my family has ever had,” says Mr. NDN. Mr. NDN, his wife, and five of their seven children moved into a new rent-to-own home this month. They are so grateful for the opportunity to live in a safe and secure home and to eventually own their own land. For the last 10 years the family was renting a poorly constructed house on a plot that was too small to grow food or raise livestock.

Mr. NDN explains, “For the past decade we have lived in a house that was such poor quality and fragile structure. Our house was built with bamboo and round timber and dirt floors. This type of house might not survive the rainy season and this was a serious concern for my family…

“These well-built homes are safe and comfortable, with access to a bathroom. This is the first time we have lived in such a place. We never dreamed we could live in a home as beautiful as this.”

In addition to a sense of physical security, Mr. NDN is also enjoying a sense of belonging – he enjoys having neighbors and being part of the community. Now that he has land, he is looking forward to starting an organic vegetable garden to feed his children. He hopes he can be an example to both his neighbors and to other families in the area who haven’t had the chance to own their own land or live in a safe home.